How to Make Jamteenery Bunting!

Show the Queen of Hearts, that she’s the Queen of your heart by celebrating the Great Jamteenery by making some scrumptious bunting!

Bunting by Kate Sully

Stuff you’ll need:

  • A pair of scissors

  • A long piece of string

  • Sellotape or a stapler

  • 10 x pieces of bright coloured card and 10 x pieces of white card 

  • Stuff to decorate your bunting with (raid your craft box… could be pencils, pens, paint, googly eyes, glitter it’s up to you! How to make Jamteenery bunting

  • Think about how you want your bunting to look.  What colour would you like it to be?  How big or long?

  • Cut out large triangles from each piece of coloured card. 

  • Cut out slightly smaller triangles in the white card. (the white triangle should easily fit in the coloured triangle, and you should be able to see coloured card around the side).

  • Glue the white triangle on to the coloured triangle.  Repeat until you have as much bunting as you would like. We’ve suggested 10, but you could make more or less depending on how long you want your bunting to be.

  • Use your art and craft materials to decorate the white triangles however you wish!  

  • You could write words (such as JAM SAVE THE QUEEN or Happy Jamteenery), draw patterns or pictures (Jam Tarts, Crowns, your favourite characters from a story or game – like Alice or the Mad Hatter, or perhaps a picture of you!), or stick things like stickers, feathers or glitter on.  It’s your bunting – so whatever you like will be brilliant.

  • Once the triangles are dry, turn them on to their backs, and grab your long piece of string. Using lots of tape (or you might want to use a stapler), attach the string to the back of the bunting, leaving plenty at the ends to tie it up with.

  • Finally, use the long pieces of string at the ends to tie your bunting up, and admire your brilliant art work. 

The Queen of Hearts is sure to love it!   

Things to remember

  • Don't put anything too heavy on your bunting as it will be hanging!

  • Give it plenty of time to dry

  • If you are writing words, think about what order you want your coloured triangles to be in

Why not join with friends to decorate one triangle each, you then could have a fab line of bunting made up of all your art work!